Weekly Yoga Class

My signature ultra-gentle class entitled 
Yoga For EVERYbody

TUESDAYS 4:30-5:30
located at 

THE SPIRIT OF YOGA, 525 E Gay St, West Chester- in the back of the Gay Street Plaza


Every Summer, I accept a select few people to mentor in the either
The Art of Teaching Restorative Yoga 
Yoga for EVERYBody 

June & July Mentorships Available

email me for details at

-eight week program
-ideal for new teachers
-completely individualized
- only three people will be accepted 

special Restotative and Essentially Restorative classes will
be added periodically as a series or stand alone
from time to time 

more details about other workshop topics towards the bottom of this page 

Very Gentle Yoga - also known as Yoga for EveryBody and previously called Yoga for the Rounded Body is an ultra gentle mat class. It is not chair yoga. Postures are done on the floor, seated and standing. We use props and lots of modifications. 
Restorative Yoga is a very meditative class done on the floor with long holds using bolsters, blankets and blocks to fully support the body. It strengthens immunity, decreases insomnia, lowers heart rate and diminishes pain over time. 
To see more info about the studio, directions, pricing and to sign up in advance, go to www.thespiritofyoga.com 
 Restorative Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Meditation & Essential Oils

I lead three teacher trainings:
~ Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

~ How to Teach Meditation ( for Yoga Instructors) 
which includes many types of meditation 
and is called " One Size Does Not Fit All"

~ How To Teach Very Gentle Yoga: 
Reaching Out to the Deconditioned, Senior, 
and Overweight Crowd -
This is a mat training ( not chair yoga) 




all are eligible for Yoga Alliance contact hour CEUs

My Signature Restorative Training:

JUST ADDED-----I  will be returning to :
Integral Yoga in Princeton 
June 2     6:00-8:30pm
June 3  10am -6pm
June 4   9am-4pm
Investment : $345

which includes my 40 page color manual 
~~~~~~ Please pre-register by May 15~~~~~~~~

The Main Line Yoga Shala in Narberth ~two  SATURDAYS
- Oct 21 & 28-
$350 with early bird pricing at $325 by April 7

returning to:

The Spirit of Yoga, West Chester, Nov 10-12, 2017
Fri 6-10pm, Sat 11:30-7:30, Sun 12-4

Sama Center, West Chester - Jan 27-28, 2018 ( times TBA)

ACAC, West Chester -early  Spring 2018 ( dates & times TBA)   http://acac.com/west-chester/



​                               In this fifteen hour training, one learns to:

- teach a balanced, safe and well-sequenced Restorative class

- teach a Restorative private class adapted to the student's needs

-teach with minimal props

-teach a prop intensive class

-use Restorative Yoga as a Gateway to Meditation

-use Restorative Yoga for mental, emotional and physical well-being

-learn tips and tricks for logistics, cueing and marketing

-to use sacred music

-how to hold the space and take the seat of the teacher

-how to adapt and modify poses

-critically think about the pose benefits in order to be able to substitute or modify poses and props 

-learn the value of silence

-practice teach

-use your voice as a restorative tool

-blanket  folding 101

-straps and sandbags

-use breathwork in Restorative classes

- over 30 poses and their modifications are explored

- partner lesson planning

- poses are grouped energetically 

- discussion about contraindications

- prop intensive poses in private classes

-timing and sequencing tips

- marketing ideas

​- rescource guide for further study

 and it includes a revised 63 page manual with 55 color photos

the course qualifies for 15 yoga alliance credits but the option project 
( due thirty days later ) qualifies for an additional 15 credits) 

I have taught hundred of teachers in this style of yoga since 2009.
I have offered this training at several studios in PA, NJ and FL. This signature
course is informed by my decade of teaching weekly restorative classes and
the four Restorative Trainings I completed. Testimonials are at the bottom of this page.


 How to Teach Very Gentle Yoga

-a two day training 
ACAC in West Chester
May 6-7
Saturday from 1:15 until 6:15
Sunday from 12:15 until 5:15 
​Open to non-members at $295, member pricing at $270
​call 610-431-7000 to register 


"How to Teach Very Gentle Yoga" ten  hour training : includes a 40 page manual full
of poses, sequences, tip, suggestions for modifications and ways to make yoga
safe for the deconditioned, overweight, and senior crowd.
I teach a full practice then we explore poses by category:
standing, seated, reclined, belly down, side lying and table.

We explore classes with no poses from table and no standing poses.
Discusssion on contraindications and ways to modify for those with bone issues, joint issues,
weight issues, vertigo,  eye diseases, heart diseases and lung diseases.

There are foir complete lesson plans included.
We use props extensively.
This training was developed
for those already teaching but want to expand to include a gentler crowd. 
I have been teaching this training since 2010 and have trained over fifty teachers in this style. 
My own practice of over thirteen years, my decade of teaching and the 2000+ hours of
trainings and workshops that I have completed have all influenced this training.
Testimonials from former trainees are at the bottom of this page.


SEPT 23-24 from noon-4 m
The Spirit of Yoga in West Chester 
Investment $145

In this eight hour training, we will explore japa ( mantra meditation),
visualization/ guided, walking, metta, trataka, mindfulness,
inquiry, affirmation and at least seven types of breath meditation
techniques. Tips for leading Meditation Classes and combining
meditation with yoga, resources and language cues are all a part of this 
eight hour training. Extensive Resource list provided.
Additionally, a short practice teaching experience will be offered.

NOW BOOKING Spring 2018


Various Workshops I lead include:
-An Intro to Japa ( Mantra Meditation)
-Sequencing Gentle Classes
-Sequencing Gentle Warm Ups 
-Teaching Chair Yoga
- An Intro to Essential Oils
-An Intro to Restorative Yoga
- Language Cues for Yoga Instructors 
- An Intro to Restorative Yoga 
- The Difference Between Yin and Restorative
-Teaching Relaxation
-Yoga for Insomnia
-Yoga for Depression
-Yoga for Anxiety
-Restorative Yoga for Your Dosha
-You are Certified, Now What? 
-Sweet Savasana
-Essentially Restorative for Restful Sleep
-Essentially Restorative for Relaxation
-Essentially Restorative for Immunity 
-Essentially Restorative for Spiritual Growth
-Essentially Restorative through the Chakras
-An Introduction to Inner Fire Yoga 

* these can stand alone, be combined or as a part 
of a teacher training , most are 2-3 hours but can be
​tailored to your needs meet 

The Restorative Teacher Training with  Judy Curiel deepened every other aspect of my teaching as well as my personal practice.  Judy has an ease of communication that comes through in far more than words.  She is a natural teacher.  The weekend was informative, interactive and created a sacred space where healing could emerge.  I use the understanding that arose from this training in every class, restorative or not.  Give yourself and your students the gift of allowance by immersing in this weekend.  

- Christine Casullo,Restorative Training  Sept 2011
We have had Judy lead her Restorative training at our PA studio several times now. She is a consumate professional who is as compassionate about the learning process as she is knowledgable. Students can expect a clear and concise explanations about the practices of Restorative yoga and will complete the program feeling empowered to share it with others. While the training is informative, it is also relaxing and fun, and Judy always creates a safe space for her students to explore.
   - Kristen Butera, Restorative Training , Sept 2011
A good yoga teacher needs restorative in the repertoire for both the students and the teacher. Judi Curiel is the best teacher you can find. 
   -Andrea Hornett, Restorative Training Oct 2012

 Judy Curiel is a wonderful yoga teacher.  She is truly a yoga teacher’s teacher.  She is highly experienced, knowledgeable, and sensitive yoga teacher that brings a truly beautiful, sensitive, spiritual experience to all of her classes.  She has a vast repertoire of modifications and adaptations of yoga asanas.  She brings a sensitive, kind spirit to all of her classes and workshops.  She is truly a skilled teacher, and her workshops provide a wonderful opportunity to develop your skills as a yoga teacher and practitioner.I have felt that all of the classes and workshops I have done with Judy helped me to develop my skills on my yoga path.  
-Nancy Murphy, Restorative Training, March 2012, How to Teach Gentle Yoga Training, April 2013
"I have had the pleasure of attending Judy's classes and participating in her Restorative Yoga Teacher Training.  She brings enthusiasm, creativity, and an extensive knowledge to her teaching.  Her obvious passion for Restorative Yoga makes her classes a delight to experience."   
-Judy Freed, Restorative Training  Oct 2012 

While I was in my teacher training, I took several of Judy's workshops.  Her workshops are thorough and informative.  After five years of teaching, I will still refer to her manual and add her restorative poses into the beginning and end of my practice.  The students love the poses and will ask for more!
- Teresa Winte, Restorative Training Sept 2011
The Restorative Teacher training with Judy Curiel is an excellent balance of hands on experience and practical resources and lecture.  Judy's love of the practice, years of teaching and multiple certificates are evident in every minute of the teacher training.  Not only will you leave with a wealth of knowledge and resources to teach Restorative yoga, you will leave having practiced hours of Restorative yoga with a master teacher, feeling refreshed and inspired for your own yoga practice.
– Molly Crowley, Restorative Training, March 2013
Some wonderful energy filled the Sebastian Yoga Studio this weekend as we all learned the art of teaching Restorative Yoga under the guidance of Judy Forman Curiel. A truly talented teacher.
- Linda Kay Graham, Restorative Training, Jan 2016
Thanks for the great workshop! I learned a lot this weekend.
-Jessica Mathewson Denney, Restorative Training , Jan 2016

the three afternoons spent in your training program were some of the most rewarding that I have spent in a very long time. Not only did I learn so much about Restorative Yoga and meet some wonderful people, but was truly inspired by the love and dedication that you bring to every 
practice. As a teacher I aspire to that total love that you impart. Thank you for sharing your gifts.
-Charlene Freidman, Restorative Training, Jan 2016

Learned tons! Thanx Judy
- Dan Nolan, Gentle Training,  Oct 2015

 Great training Judy! Wonderful experience with you as usual! Thanx for everything  
-Dan Nolan, Restorative Training,  April 2016
I took Judy's Restorative Yoga Workshop to enhance my training. It was absolutely amazing. Judy created a loving and supported space. She was extremely knowledgeable and made sure we understood the material she was presenting. I had fear at first to teach restorative, but Judy compassionately guided me through this fear and helped me to stay in the moment. I highly recommend Judy for Restorative training or one of her classes. She is a very kind, loving, warmhearted person/ teacher.
-Shazz Rodriguez, Restorative Training,  March 2013
Judy is a very knowledgeable, passionate and compassionate teacher! She provides a ton of great information that is well presented. She makes sure that her students completely absorb the material so that one can incorporate new learning in one's own practices or classes. I have taken her Restorative and Yoga for the Rounded Bodies workshops and highly recommend Judy's classes.
- Sharon Bennett, Restorative Training Oct 2013, Gentle Training March 2014
The first thing you will notice, in a class or training with Judy, is her passion for yoga. The passion  infuses her teachings and her trainings. She appreciates and emphasizes that all bodies are different and that each person's experiences will be unique to that individual. The next thing you will notice is her relaxed style of teaching. Judy makes her students feel welcome and capable, no matter what level of prior yoga experience. I have taken several trainings with Judy, including those for Restorative Yoga, How to Teach Very Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga. She is very experienced abd she truly enjoys sharing that knowledge with others.
- Sue Raymond, Restorative Training, 2012, Gentle Training 2014
i would like to "Thank You" Judy for everything you have taught me and shared with me. I love teaching a Restorative Yoga and sharing this beautiful practice with others. And with your help, I was able to learn to teach. I am so grateful to you and for these experiences.
-Karen Kissel, several restorative trainings  2014-2016

The manual was a fabulous take-away that will be a useful resource, it was a well-run weekend with anecdotes from real life experience.
-Debbie Sanville, Restorative Training, March 2016

Thank you for the detailed manual and I appreciated the practice teaching. The feedback was very helpful.
-Karla Lawson, Restorative Training , March 2016

Entering into this space of Friday night was wonderful. You were so down to earth and welcoming.. We all settled into the safe, beautiful restorative space you created and fun continued throughout the training. The critique was valuable and constructive. I can honestly say I loved every minute of the training.
-Nancy DiTeodoro, Restorative Training , March 2016

You are an incredible teacher of teachers. Thank you for your clear, creative instructions and group work. You made this training interesting, fun and 
accessible for EVERYONE. I loved the opportunity to connect with other gifted teachers and learn from them as well. 
- April Marie Showman, Restorative Training,  March 2016

Such a special training. Thank you
-Diane Link, Restorative Training, April 2016

I like taking restorative yoga and wanted to start teaching it. I began to look for information about teaching restorative yoga. After looking online and borrowing books I was so lost. All the info was about the poses but not how to teach restorative. So then I asked local teachers for recommendations for a restorative TT, about 10 teachers recommended Judy's training. It was EVERYTHING they said it would be: wonderful, informative and an overall complete training. Judy is warm and full of knowledge and training with her was a delight. 
-Nicole Durant, Restorative Training, April 2016, Meditation Training 2017 

Wonderful course
-M Velma Weitz, Restorative Training, April 2016

Thanks for inspiring us all
-Rachael Hunter, Restorative Training, May 2016

Judy, thank you so much for a wonderful Restorative Teacher training this weekend- you have a special presence
and way of sharing your knowledge- many thanks
-Liz Seaden, Restorative Training, May 2016

-so lucky to have been with her. This is a rare teacher- down-to-earth, joyful, deep experience, gave us all time and space
to explore, completely positive while pointing out opportunities for growth/improvement. 
a transformativeweekend- thank you, Judy
-Gil Stevens, Restorative Training, May 2016

Thank you, Judy, for an awesome Restorative Yoga Teacher Training. I left the training feeling confident that I can
take this out into the "world". Very detailed, informative, hands-on and fun.
​-Robin Sarkis, Restorative Training, May 2016

    Thank YOU, Judy, for an amazing weekend! I am so looking forward to spreading the love and peace of the healing practice of Restorative Yoga!
​-Kristen Smith,Restorative Training,  May 2016, Gentle Training Jan 2017

Thank you so much for your wonderful restorative training. You put together a comprehensive, accessible training
. I can't wait to teach restorative now.
-Mary Kate McGetrick, October, 2016

Fabulous  weekend. Judy Foreman Curiel is outstanding. Excellent in all ways. I highly recommend this training. 
- Janice Clark Roosevelt, Restorative Training,  January 2017

Wonderful weekend under the tutelage of Judy Foreman Curiel in Restorative Teacher Training. Thank you
- Linda DiValerio, Restorative Training , February 2017, Gentle Training Jan 2017

Thank you for an AWESOME training. It was well organized, thoughtful and full of tricks/tip/techniques!!!
I am looking forward to taking the How to Teach Gentle Yoga with you!
- Ellen Liberto, Restorative Training, February 2017

Fantastic training! Thank you, Judy
​-Brian Joseph Centonze, Restorative Training Feb 2017, Mind Body Director, ACAC 

Thanks again for a great workshop this weekend! I am excited
about trying out some new techniques.
-Ellen Davies, Gentle Training 2013, Meditation Training 2017

I have been attending Judy’s Rounded Body Yoga class for Women for 2 years and she has changed my life for the better. I have RA, asthma, and low back pain. Thru RBY I have become stronger, more flexible and better balanced. I was unsure in the beginning but Judy’s gentle cheerful positive attitude quickly won me over and inspires me to work hard to improve at my own pace. Judy is a master at helping with alternative poses and props for rounded body ladies. Her classes are fun and we laugh with each other as twist and breathe. Most importantly for the 1st time in my life, I feel safe and comfortable in an organized exercise class. I am a devotee of RBY for life. Do yourself a favor and try out her classes. _ Laura Stratton
Judy is the best first yoga instructor you could have if you are thinking that yoga is only for the very flexible, in-shape body. She creates a comfortable, caring environment and finds a way for those who are a bit rounded or have physical limitations to benefit from the practice of yoga. From Judy, you will learn the yoga poses (asanas) that will enable you to graduate to regular practices. Judy’s wealth of knowledge and kind spirit are the perfect recipe for reluctant yogis!- Sandy Alexander
The Rounded Body class  is the best place for women of size to practice without judgement or competition. In Judy’s classes you will find the peace and support to move your body in ways you did not think possible. You will also find a community of women who values themselves and their bodies without thought to the size clothes They wear.- J. Trott
Judy’s restorative classes are nothing short of magical. I have traveled far and wide and practiced many kinds of Yoga, so I can say with full certainty that she is one of the most gifted teachers out there. Her warmth, caring, and humor create a lovely experience whether you are a beginner or advanced student. After her restorative class I told her I felt I’d been on vacation – I feel confident that you will too! Seek her out and refresh your spirit : )- Lindsay Emigh
I love this class! It’s a treat I give myself twice a week and would go every day if I could. I’ve tried other yoga classes and didn’t last – the poses and pace were beyond what my body could do & I got discouraged. Since I started about 6 mos. ago I’ve gained range of motion, flexibility, balance and core strength. Judy always gives variations on poses. She creates a friendly, calm, encouraging, non-judgemental atmosphere and makes us all feel good about ourselves. She’s the best at what she does.- Elizabeth
If you have not experienced a yoga class with Judy, you owe it to yourself. Somehow, she always finds just what you need to restore body, mind, spirit, or all three at once. She is not only very, very knowledgeable and well-prepared — enough to enable spontaneity, she is also sensitive, supportive, and good humored. It’s true: she is truly gifted AND the gifts are all for YOU. So, treat yourself.- Andrea
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Click on photos from the  gallery above to see them larger
& to see where they were taken.

All photos were taken with permission 
from 2014-2017 at:

- The Spirit of Yoga in West Chester, Pa
-The Sama Center in West Chester, Pa
-Yoga On Main in Phila, Pa
-Sebastian Yoga in Sebastian, Fl
- Integral Yoga in Princeton, NJ
- YogaLife Institute in Devon, Pa
-Verge in Wayne, Pa
- ACAC in West Chester, Pa